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Welcome to HNSDNS's docs!

Here, you can find setup instructions for varios operating systems, developer information, support and more.


Features with a green tick are currently available. Features with a gray tick are not available yet.

  • Easy, high-availability Handshake DNS resolver.

  • Easy, high-availability Handshake nameservers.

  • No installation required.

  • Fast configuration.

  • No logs.

  • Resolve Namebase domains.

  • Resolve non-Namebase domains.

  • IPv4 support.

  • IPv6 support.

  • DoH support.

  • ENS support.

  • Desktop support.

  • Mobile support.

  • Routers, consoles and IoT devices support.

  • Web 2.0 compatible.

  • DoT support.

  • DNSSEC/DANE SSL certificate validation.

  • Anycast DNS.

Getting started

As shown in the features, HNSDNS doesn't require any software installation, and you can set it up by changing just a few configuration settings. These vary depending on which operating system you currently are. Due to obvious limitations, we can't write configurations steps for each OS on earth, but if you use one that doesn't have a documentation written, or you just want to add a new one, you can always edit the docs directly within your GitHub account.

Get started in less than 5 minutes

Last update: January 4, 2023