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Creating an account

HNSDNS's nameservers are currently in private beta while I test the platform for stability, issues, security and more.

When the platform is finished, there will be an option to create a free account, but until then, you'll need to request access through our support page.

You'll need to provide the following information:

  • Username (can be your real name or not).

  • Email address that you control.

  • A Handshake domain you own*.

  • Confirmation of guidelines approval.

*In some rare cases, you may be required to demonstrate that you own that Handshake domain. This is used to prevent spam and unwanted users to register while this service is in private beta. When it gets released to the public, this will not be required.

We will create your account in less that 48 hours (and usually in less that 24) if everything is correct. We will also give you a random password to you, that should be changed as soon as you first access your account.

Last update: January 4, 2023