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HNSDNS offers support for free. We just ask you to follow these simple guidelines, to provide a better support experience for everyone:

Guidelines for contacting support

  • Please don't spam. Even though you can send unlimited messages through the Discord channel, please note that we don't get paid for the service.
  • Please be respectful. We try to provide the best service we can. If you don't like HNSDNS, just stop using it, it's not mandatory.
  • Please be patient. We can only answer your messages a few hours every day. It may take some time before we get into your question.
  • Please don't ask us to add a significant amount of content to the docs. Do it by yourself through GitHub.

We offer support via Discord and email.

You can contact and discuss with us in Handshake's discord server. After joining in, go to this link or to project-discussion → HNSDNS.

We usually respond in less than a day.

Email support

You can send an email to us through the following email address:

Replace (~at-] with @ and {/d0t\) with a period. This is used to prevent bots from spamming the email address.

support (~at-] hnsdns {/d0t\) com

Email support is suggested if you want to add a more extensive content to the message's body, or you want to sent screenshots, images, files and more. However, it isn't as practical as chat support.

Guidelines also apply to email support.

Last update: January 4, 2023